If they wanted to use runelite/osbuddy data they'd be idiot

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    If they wanted to use runelite/osbuddy data they'd be idiot. For a general cost it works when items are rising/falling and you will see. But, there's been OSRS gold a fuck ton of scammers and price manipulators for OSbuddy and runelite suggested cost trackers on reduced trade volume items and even retailers efforts to control popular products. It's been a huge problem a random times, so sure, if you want to go all in on an item which quite likely could just be a random scammer jumping/dropping the osbuddy/runelite price then go ahead, because those clients track any finished offers, it might literally be the exact same person at buy limit for an item selling them to themselves 100 times over and over and it messes up osbuddy and runelite documents but not the Jagex ones.

    Also the notion that there would be some difficulty from a speculative market for a product buyout at the conclusion, which I suggested in the first sentence of my opinion when I said you're assuming they buy them since the gp comes in which doesn't need to be true, does not make any sense. There's literally thousands of things. It's not like we have a list of 10-15 potential items to be seeing, there is easily over 100 to be watching and having a program doesn't help when when it may be a manual choice by jagex to pick something in the end of the day, you don't need to get it automated, that's just asking for issues to take place. They could easily have stuff to flag any items from their list that are being stockpiled much as to not do that merchandise.

    Another simple solution would be to have buyouts through the day by a list of items rather than have a single thing being purchased out. Say each 100m dropped, they will buyout an item and then the next 100m goes towards a different thing or if 100m isn't reached, force it in a certain time period to use whatever it has. All of your assumptions are that jagex will or must use the most simple method of implementing this notion. There's literally an unlimited method to complicate it with little tiny tweaks that make it nearly impossible to predict or abuse, especially if any measure has any kind of human participation it yells computer learning out the door almost altogether.

    Instead of buying any one thing particularly, how about buying items in g.e. with present offers below 5 percent ge value. Item needs to be buy RuneScape gold in game for 1 year to qualify. Makes it harder for items. Creates a demand that is unspecified. Waste things can regain value as a proportion of 20gp is going to qualify easier than a item costing 20,000. Currently the only market for many items are sets, store cost and alch value, this would give value to ranges of low value items as it provides immunity against them crashing farther. Since their value can only go up, pretty creates a stock market with thousands of things, it's a good investment. The market will buy and delete and you may always get the cash for selling 5 percent under out option from match. To make selections issue a dividend.

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