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    Participate in ELMS in HYT watch competition and Panis-Barthez competition

    Automobiles and watches... This is constantly a valid combination, it's that easy! HYT H2 Aviator 248-DL-01-GF-KG . The two worlds have several things in common: precision machinery producing, passionate fans, reputation of youngster toys... Such partnerships ranges from classic cars to help luxury supercars, and sometimes in order to racing cars. As far as HYT watches are concerned, the last mentioned is a natural choice. The two worlds are committed to efficiency, innovation and the use of supplies worthy of the spacecraft. Nowadays, we will share our knowledge with you in the ELMS levels of competition in Estoril, together with HYT watches and the brand's most recent sports partner, Panis-Barthez Opposition.

    The game, the particular Penis-Butters game and the scent of oil and energy...
    If you read Grayscale on a regular basis, you may have realized that a fairly crazy, bold and special market brand HYT Wrist watches. This young movement leads to technology. It indicates the time by way of a fluid-driven device (what will be the liquid in the watch??, view here). The shape of this mobility is unparalleled in the industry, And also adopted innovative technology., Super light and ultra techie materials.

    Today for such a futuristic business, you can hardly imagine some sort of partnership with an old-fashioned company like Rolls-Royce or Morgan. This is all due to those two outstanding brands, but they are certainly not in line with HYT Watches Typically the rebellious behavior of his or her team is the same defiant person. No, HYT requires something different, something more complex, younger, and more athletic. The response comes from the European Votre Mans Series (ELMS) plus a new team Panis-Barthez Level of competition. Richard Mille RM 67-01 AUTOMATIC EXTRA FLAT

    The Panis-Barthez competition was made at the end of 2015 to be involved in the 2016 ELMS period. Now, I’m pretty sure that a lot of of us already know the famous Ce Mans 24 Hours, but it may be just a race, it’s a part of a bigger championship and there are a great many other races. The European The Mans Series (ELMS) can be a European racing endurance sequence inspired by the 24 Hours involving Le Mans and managed by the Eastern Automobile Pub (ACO). Several different races were hosted during ELMS at the same time, which includes ultra-fast LMP2 prototypes, single-type LMP3 prototypes and several GT cars (professionals or amateurs).

    The Panis-Barthez competition is named after their founder, two symbols connected with French elite sports. Olivier Panis was the last Frenchman to win the Frate Formula One Grand Produits, and Fabien Barthez is the only and only one to prospect the French football crew to the 1998 Goalkeeper to the World Championship title as well as the 2000 European Union Championship subject, and later became a racing and team manager. They competes in the ELMS class, with two cars, one out of LMP2 and one in LMP3.

    How about your competition... In today’s era associated with environmental awareness and gas reduction, this led to typically the birth of Formula-E (Electric Formula-E racing car)-to notice the powerful engine yell, smell the smell regarding oil, this is indeed a type of happy experience. And gas, feel this unique atmosphere amongst people. Sorry to those who are thinking about the environment, but there is nothing just like watching a 750hp original running at a speed involving 280 km/h on the the path... The race we were supposed to participate in is the previous episode of the season, inside Estoril (near Lisbon) Often the track, Portugal) and held up 4 hours. In addition to obtaining the opportunity to watch the game in the pit lane, we furthermore had the opportunity to experience the planning and explanation of the Panis-Barthez game before the game started out. Online replica watches

    What about HYT watches?
    This is a good question. What does HYT watch do in this bike racing world? To be fair, many luxury watch brands make use of sponsorship agreements as advertising tools. This is not surprising. In the same way, the cooperation with Panis-Barthez Competition is not the first spouse of the brand. We have introduced one to the sponsors of RC44 and Alinghi, which have produced specific watches for this purpose. Quite a few partnerships are related to the field of sailing, and at first peek they seem to be far from the style behind HYT-although they have been discussed and discussed, they are important. However , in terms of racing, often the contact with the hydromechanical watch manufacture is clearly listed.

    As we have seen, the field of automobiles and motorsports is often a densely populated world between watch brands and companies, each of which has its own specific " relationship". But when considering HYT, the connection is very evident. Panis-Barthez Competition racing automobiles and HYT watches have a very lot in common, and may often be more than many simple chronograph watches used for timekeeping. Of course , the actual HYT watch will not be applied as an official chronograph for any game (it was not designed with a chronograph at the beginning), but if you look at the really important items, such as the design and the usage of advanced technology, you will swiftly discover deep links.

    HYT watches are typical based on the same technology: capillary vessels filled with 2 liquids (one color, one transparent), that they indicate the number of hours about the contrary-check H1, H2, H3, H4 or Skull to know what I mean. To achieve this unique present function, two huge bellows push the liquid to be able to rotate with one palm like a standard movement. Those two bellows/pistons, proudly exposed for the front of the watch, web form a visual connection with the race car. The movement seems like a racing engine, using a combination of exposed mechanical features and the fact that it works on fluids, just like the powerplant uses petroleum and fuel. Therefore , there may be no relationship in terms of complexity or features, but visually speaking, it is not easy to make a timepiece that is thus similar to an engine. To me, this is certainly like a definite partnership. Wholesale replica watches

    And then, there are materials. As you can see, a new racing car such as LMP2 is a very complex machine that will combines titanium, magnesium along with carbon fiber. In fact , the same is valid for HYT watches. For instance , look at the combination of titanium in addition to coated parts on H1. Even better, while exploring the automobile in detail, I noticed something awesome. The shell of HYT H4 is made of the same TMTP carbon fiber as the brake sneakers of Panis-Barthez Competition's LMP2 car. Again, this is an unpredicted close connection.

    Finally, there is a human history behind this partnership. Each party agree on common values... even when it is difficult to explain, it is very pleasurable. Two young teams, a pair of hopes for better, better, more obvious wishes, as well as two separate visions... Therefore will we soon find HYT inspired by sporting? Indeed, the brand is actually creating the Panis-Barthez Competition, which is to be released at the 2017 Votre Mans 24 Hours. The only thing we realize is that it will not be another timepiece like most brands!

    HYT H2 Tradition ~ Hydraulic mechanical watchmaker (a bit) retro

    After reviewing their wrist watches a few times, you should know what HYT is, and the timepieces many people produce are highly technical, strong and modern. Whether many of us talk about H1, H2, H3 or H4, they are faraway from retro-oriented, traditional or vintage. Recently, we have seen the particular evolution of several editions of Hydro Mechanical Horologists (people at HYT love to call them), such as the rendering of the lighting system (mechanical drive) in the pilot H2 or H4. Participating in SIHH for the first time (entering " Carrédes Horologers", as well as 8 additional independent brands), HYT produced a U-turn and had taken a more traditional view of H2... and made some adjustments for the movement and display. Why don't take a look at the HYT H2 tradition. Jacob & Co. Epic X Chrono

    Take a look at the second watch produced by the brand, HYT H2, that has a typical V-shaped bellows as well as a completely hollow movement, which is often seen from the front. I actually dare someone call that " classic" or " traditional". Maybe 20 years coming from now, after major manufacturers have changed the style into a similar style, we will phone it a classic watch... yet I doubt it. Therefore , what is the traditional purpose of HYT H2? As (more) common watches. Therefore , should most of us expect this novelty to get just another manual display? Simply no, HYT H2 Tradition remains HYT, which means that the screen relies on the liquid put in the capillary to indicate typically the hours (just like every single watch of the brand). Just what exactly is the classic of this enjoy? Certain visual elements count on traditional watchmaking rules.

    Compared with ordinary H2, what changes does HYT H2 tradition have? This may not be the case, it is still forty-eight. 8 mm made of ti with a light anthracite greyish PVD coating on the core container. The display and also use of two liquids filled up with bellows and capillary? Nothing at all. These typical HYT components still exist. In fact , two details or evolutions can be seen: often the completion of the movement along with dial, and the display and site of certain technical factors. replica breitling watches

    First thing to note is the existence on the small dial. Previously, HYT H2 only featured the actual central hand adjacent to the particular liquid submission tube demonstrating minutes, via the blue ring-see here for details. With all the HYT H2 tradition, the brand name can be traced back to anything more classic, including a couple small dials, one minute and something minute and second-a tad like in H1, which in the beginning made me feel like I was ahead of the new H1 instead of H2.

    However , the new display is not the motion itself. To make room for that new timing functions, homeostasis wheel (previously at 12) has been re-centered. This modification means that most of the movement's design and style must be overhauled (especially the apparatus train must be redesigned), that has been taken by HYT's mate APRP (the designer with the HYT H2 movement, Audemars-Piguet Renaud-Papi) step.. For the relaxation, the movement remains formally the same, whether it is a natural clock part (with 7 days power reserve and clockwork position indication), or a smooth part.

    The ultimate evolution of the HYT H2 tradition is execution. Even though the normal H2 function is usually sandblasted and blackened (an obvious choice is a modern, vibrant watch), this new classic version uses the characteristics connected with watchmaking tradition: 4N rare metal processing, Roman numerals in addition to blue steel hand signs Lacquered dial. Then, the dial side and the major board on the movement aspect are decorated with diamonds guilloche patterns. The rest of the movements is still impressive and done to a high standard.

    Now is the question interesting in this iteration. Is the standard appearance of HYT H2 good? Is it mainly relevant to HYT H2 tradition? In all honesty, after hands-on operation, you need to wear the watch on your arm to answer this question. The real key of the HYT watch is definitely its extremely technical and quite a few industrial appearance and area treatment, which is related to the general feel of a chronograph (rather than a suitable watch). With one of these new features (more traditional show effects and retro basic decorations), we began to feel that HYT H2 has become a touch busy and thus lost it has the boldness. Porsche Design replica watches

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