Searching for a friend to hang out on Dofus

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    What are the major differences between Dofus and Dofus Touch? Two complete different versions of this Dofus game. One is BASED on the version of 2012-2013 while another (PC) is becoming updates every couple of months. Major differences in PC: Spell points no longer exists, characteristic points free reset, new zones, new quests, new Dofus (eggs), more things, more articles, abilities form, dofus kamas buy a few revamps, and I think new category (elio), ceaseless dreams, pets revamp.In Mobile, there are some content (like those mini-dungeons). TBH Dofus touch seems like a minor version of the real Dofus.Makes sense that they'd allow it to be smaller, it is for cellular after all. Mobile users don't have 1tb ssd.

    It is not that it's smaller, but lacking of stains. Point free reset will not make it larger. Revamp & spell versions won't raise that the memory needed. Without including a Mb, some spots could be applied. They won't get it done because Dofus Touch is a"complete-different" game. As for this"little" game in your pocket, consider downloading the entire map so u will not have to download every single time you visit a new map. Surprise, there appeared a crazy GB. So, the argument of"ought to be modest" can not be implemented here. It's not a 3Mb game after all.

    Searching for a friend to hang out on Dofus 1.29 legacy server.Well, since the flaw, a lot of people lost the motivation to play on servers with a rather troubled economy. With the new server I believe the amount of players on the servers that are previous is currently gon t move lower and lower every day. So if you're searching for a really active community your best bet will be the new one.I envision a lot of people are stopping the current Dofus 1.29 servers due to a duplication glitch which resulted in literality trillions of vulbis Dofuses, among many other things. The glitch had existed eternally but only recently did it become common knowledge.

    So they're creating a server that is new and many men and women are leaping over. I propose doing the same if Dofus 1.29 is something you may see yourself playing for several months ahead of time. It is going to be better in the long term dofus kamas echo, even though it means losing your progress. Also there's some slight improvements coming to the new Dofus 1.29 server, though I am not sure exactly what these are. And I am not sure if the present servers will receive the same improvements. They probably will Maybe not.

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